Estate Knives

PRICE: $300

Buck, Grand Slam, #175, Lightening knife, come in wood box etched Buck 100 years 1902 - 2002 #767

Buck 1994 CrossLock, #180, comes with a straight blade and a gut hook blade, cordura sheath #766

PRICE: $80

PRICE: $125

PRICE: $65

PRICE: $80

PRICE: $55

Buck #276T Alpha Hunter Gut Hook, blade is STS34 with Bos heat treat, rosewood handle, comes with sheath, no box and no papers #764

Buck Tool, model #360 multitool knife with pocket clip, patent pending, no sheath, NOS #769

Buck Model 117 "Trophy Set" sheath only NOS #774

Buck Model 104 "Twin Set" sheath only NOS #773

Buck Tool Dealer display model with display, patent pending Buck tool that's sole purpose is to be a dealer display model, many of the items on this tool are not completely finished for the sole purpose of customer safety #770

PRICE: $200

PRICE: $75


Buck #279T Alpha Hunter with walnut handles, comes with Cordura sheath, sheath is marked 276. #765